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Reflections On Our Field Trip To The Integrated Recycling Industries Facility
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As part of IRI's commitment to spread awareness about recycling, Integrated Recycling Industries Phils., Inc participated the 4th General Assembly of Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc. the company was invited by PMPI as a guest speaker for their forum entitled “LET’S TALK GARBAGE, HARD ROCK AND HEAVY METAL”. The forum was held in Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City last February 28, 2012. The purpose of the forum was to aware the participants about the harmful effects of mining and the benefits we could get from recycling.

Mr. Mark Bueno, Customer Service Manager, of IRI gave a short presentation about the effects of improper recycling and mining compared to recycling of Electronic Scrap. He also discussed the benefits that we could get from proper recycling of Electronic Scrap and the proper way of recycling. After the presentation, there was an open forum to address the questions of the participants.


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