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Reflections On Our Field Trip To The Integrated Recycling Industries Facility
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Integrated Recycling Industries welcomed students and faculty members from St. Paul University last August 26, 2011. A total of 52 students and faculty members visited IRI with the intention of learning how the company recycles electronic scrap and other materials that can be recycled. During the plant visit, IRI’s Vice President/General Manager, Lee Salvatore R. Echiverri, gave a short presentation regarding the issues about global warming and its alarming effects on our environment. Mr. Echiverri also discussed proper ways of recycling electronic wastes and how proper recycling helps our environment from global warming.

After the presentation, the students were toured around the plant to show the appropriate  processes in recycling  Electronic wastes and other materials like plastics and different kinds of metals. Question and answer was also done during the plant tour.

We hope that the students learned something from the plant tour and use this learning’s to help our environment and make it a better place to live in. 


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