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For its continuous efforts in developing a system that would help solve the growing problem of waste management, Frost and Sullivan recognizes IRI as this year’s worthy recipient of the South East Asia Technology Innovation of the Year Award particularly in the field of Hazardous Wastes. This prestigious event, being attended yearly by multinational companies and business tycoons all over the world, was held last April 25, 2008 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This award embodies an organization or an individual’s overall efforts in terms of research and development that have paved way for innovations in its quest to come up with new and better ways to further enhance the current system that would eventually play an essential role in the industry in the long run.

With such, IRI has developed a technology called Molecular Gasification Reduction (MGR) system that is intended to be used to treat all kinds of solid industrial wastes currently generated by electronic and semiconductor companies. With some polishing, this same system could similarly be used to treat municipal and hospital wastes at a promisingly lesser cost.

In addition to this, this technology does not emit harmful substances such as furans and dioxins that could eventually harm our ozone and that it complies fully with existing environmental laws in the Philippines. This facility’s versatility makes it not only environment friendly but in the same way self-sufficient since the flue gas being generated can be used together with LPG as fuel and that its other by-product, which is carbon char, could be used as an additive in paint production. Thus, almost nothing is put to waste or in short, almost everything is recycled.

This award serves as fruit for the team’s hard work, dedication, and sheer commitment that they have continually shown over the years in striving to develop a waste management system (such as the MGR) that is not only environmentally friendly but in the same way economical.

Dato Eng Hoe Goh, IRI President and Mr. Mark Eldred Bueno, IRI Customer Service Manager, received the award for IRI.


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