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Reflections On Our Field Trip To The Integrated Recycling Industries Facility
Employee of the Quarter



The recent year 2004 ended with ghastly pictures of deaths and destruction unimaginable until the landslides that occurred in Quezon province and the tsunami that struck East Asia . While the latter was caused by nature- an earthquake, the landslides that damaged millions worth of properties and killed more than a thousand people in Quezon province were caused by man through illegal logging.

Integrated Recycling Industries (IRI) together with I-Bank Calamba sponsored ?Clean Up Climb 2005? to Mt. Makiling with the support of KIKK Mountaineers. The group was welcomed by the Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems (MCME). Mt. Makiling continues to attract visitors due to its natural beauty. However, as many visitors climb up the mountain, they leave garbage which destroys the ecosystem of the forest.

IRI and IBank ?Calamba have decided to join together as a way of giving back to the community part of its blessings from a successful year despite economic setbacks that beset the country in 2004. Both IRI and iBank take pride in the high level of social awareness of its workforce.

The two-day clean up climb was enjoyed by the IRI employees. The participants were able to collect 30 sacks of garbage and these were brought down from the mountain to be disposed of properly.

For more information about Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems log on to:

Official Website: www.mountainet.ph


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