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Reflections On Our Field Trip To The Integrated Recycling Industries Facility
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The courses were intended to teach recyclers on how to balance meeting compliance standards, in the same way benefiting from good and potential markets that exist across the continents. The lectures likewise tackled on environmental issues that are being experienced all over the world today. Topics on product reuse, material recycling, disassembly and other technical services were similarly discussed in this worthwhile event. Participants of these courses came mostly from the recycling and electronics industries.


Mr. Lee Salvatore Echiverri, IRI Vice-President and General Manager, was invited to be one of the lecturers for this event.  He lectured on the Best Practices for Export, focusing on the topic of E-Waste trading and electronics recycling in the Asian region. His lecture focused on the advantages to the environment of doing recycling in Asia. The objective of his lecture was to convince people that there are legitimate and environmentally conscious recycling organizations in Asia, contrary to most people’s belief that recycling in Asia is very unhealthy, unsafe and destroys the environment. His lecture attracted a lot of attention, especially from participants from developed countries whose impression of recycling in Asia is that of open burning, child labor and chemicals polluting rivers and water tables.  



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